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Day 1 of Pool Play consists of 4 matches or 8 games (4-25, 27 pt cap).  

Day 2 will be played in double elimination format.  
The Winners Bracket: 2-out-of-3 games will declare the winner; games 1 and 2 will run 4-25, 27 pt cap; game 3 will run 0-15, no cap.  

The CHALLENGER'S  Bracket: 1 game 0-25, no cap.



Each team is required to have a NAGVA certified Scorekeeper and a NAGVA certified Referee (R1) on the team roster. Please visit with regards to certification. If you do not have a NAGVA certified Scorekeeper or Referee one will be provided to your team for a fee of $25 per match.


All teams participating in the tournament must wear same color and numbered uniform/jersey attire. T-shirts or any same-colored option is acceptable. Players’ jerseys must be marked with numbers on the front and on the back. Numbers shall be located in such a position that they are clearly visible and shall be a color contrasting to that of the jersey. Liberos must have a contrasting color to the rest of the team. For complete rules regarding uniforms for NAGVA tournaments, please visit

Rules governing the tournament are outlined in the most current amended version of the "Rules and Regulations" of NAGVA. Please refer to for more information.




Molten ProTouch



Cancellations made 45 days before the tournament will receive 100% of the registration fee. Cancellations made at least 30 days before the tournament will receive 50% of the registration fee. Registration fees are forfeited for cancellations less than 30 days before the tournament.

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